Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Iron Maiden Concert

Iron Maiden concert was one of my dream concerts which materialized last Friday 1st Feb at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. There were about 30k-40k people at the concert. Initially some smaller bands and Parikrama played after which there was the main event. We came early to be closer to the stage. Standing for 1 hour in the front below the stage and being pushed around, I decided to get out of the sweaty mess and watch the concert from far. It was an amazing experience and like a dream come true. Some of the great numbers they played that night-

Aces High (Inro Song)
The Trooper
Can I play with madness
Number of the beast
Fear of the dark
Hollowed by thy name
Wasted Years
Seventh Son


Aditya Vadrevu said...

dude!! Awesome!! Reasonable tix for maiden @LA got sold out. Any crazy stuff happen @ mumbai? Like spraying water into the front rows etc etc?

Anup Tapadia said...

Man ... that sux ... how can poor grad students afford such concerts. No other crazy stuff than you know what :)