Friday, August 20, 2010

Relationship between Astrology, Belief and Destiny

I have recently been fascinated by Astrology and the fact that people believe it as a Science. This article is not to prove something is right or wrong, but just to express my understanding towards Astrology and its effects. I am not an expert in this field nor wish to hurt anyone who does believe in it. So feel free to correct my observations.

I strongly believe that Astrology is not a science but a philosophy of psychological belief. If you visit an Astrologer, don’t be surprised by the fact that he/she knows it all because the influences in your life have been set in such a way since childhood that they create your belief and drive your destiny. Let me explain why. Astrology is often claimed to be an ancient science that defines a person’s nature and future depending on planetary positions at the time and place an individual was born. They say that a large statistical sampling was conducted to come to generalized conclusions about a persons nature and destiny. This science has been widely believed and influenced India for generations together. The root of this starts at your birth. When a child is born in India, parents often get a “Kundli” i.e an astrological map drafted from an astrologer. Depending on the “Kundli” the parents are informed based on statistical data about the nature of the newborn and some generalized categorization. As the child grows, this information in parents mind has an unknowing psychological impact on the child’s upbringing. Many often people say that they don’t believe in astrology, but still visit an astrologer to just listen to the blabber. Even if the child does not know about these, there is an aura of belief that is created to drive the child’s destiny by the parent. It may not be 100% accurate but it has an influence and hence the person again falls into the same statistical sample set. Consider a person who has no influence of “Kundli” in life, you may find the behavior may not match with the statistical data.

I believe in the saying, “Your belief defines your destiny”. Nothing in this world can be predicted considering so many random variables. Nobody can predict death or an accident as these events are purely random. If the person has a strong ability to set a belief, it will automatically drive him to the destiny. To state an example, if a person believes that he/she is going to be an engineer and settle abroad, the career is influenced in that direction. The circumstances and opportunities are created in such a way to pursue the belief and to achieve destiny.

There is a unknown energy that creates this effect which is mutual. Usually it is highly influenced by the people who are close to your heart. This energy is more prominent among animals than humans. This is the same type of energy that helps ants co-ordinate among themselves to build colonies. The same energy by which a dog can sense danger before humans can. The same energy using which animal herds are formed and maintained in the wild. Same energy that fish use to swarm in formations. Animals cannot talk, so how do they communicate? It is this energy that enables them to communicate without speaking. Sometimes you may have felt that you are missing someone dear, and you realize that person calls you on your cell-phone at the same time. Has this happened to you? … Its an unknown form of energy which enables this communication.

Coming back to the relation with Astrology, some astrologers mention that wearing a particular precious stone can bring a change is your life. This is a matter of belief and the only change it brings in is the psychological change which in turn changes your life. So to conclude, Astrological information affects psychological behavior in people who believe in it. This continues the cycle of maintaining the same sample set and classification.

I believe that your final destiny is in your own hands. If you dream and believe in something so strongly, things are going to go your way, as you will be striving to achieve your destiny and define your own future.


Vishal said...

This can be a very good argument. Since, I guess science is "The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena." ( So, astrologers make those decisions based on statistical data from the past.
Philosophy is based on
"Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods." (

So perhaps, that is why astrologers base their conclusion on statistical data and maybe thats why people believe it is 'science'. However, I believe that science should be open ended .. and not everything can be related to merely statistical data. Therefore if this is considered a science - it would need more research and more data for evolving this science as well.

Astrology cannot be the beginning and end of everything. These days even experts and doctors holding PhD's in the same fields argue on matters.

In my opinion its best to have an open mind regarding these things and astrology should be taken with a pinch of 'salt' rather than firmly believing it or completely opposing it :).

I believe in luck and I also believe its possible to create your own luck :).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for discussing. Very easy to use and straightforward to grasp. Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

Very well expressed thought...
To REALLY understand it we need to go beyond "science"....coz secret lies there only.

And its true that:
"we create our own reality and hence the destiny"



Anonymous said...

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